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Long-lasting Penis Thickening at Dr. Christoph Jethon

Opting for penis thickening is a significant step on your path to greater self-confidence and a more fulfilling life. In our clinic, which successfully performs up to 500 penis enlargements and extensions annually, we rely on leading surgical techniques to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Competence center for penis enlargements for 25 years

Significant Results: Achieving 3 to 6 cm more length and 2 to 3 cm more girth.

Extensive Experience: More than 10,000 penis lengthening and thickening procedures performed.

Renowned Expert Center: Recognized in leading media such as ZDF (including a special broadcast), 3Sat, The Guardian, Focus, and BILD.

Leadership through Specialization: Use of highly specialized and effective surgical techniques.

Personal Performance: All procedures are personally performed by chief physician Dr. Christoph Jethon.

Gentle Procedures: Outpatient execution and without general anesthesia, ensures maximum comfort and minimizes risk.

Discrete Results: Minimal scarring for a natural appearance.

Individual and Comprehensive Patient Care guarantee the best possible treatment for each patient.

Trust through Proven Experience: Our clinic stands for safety and proven experience.

Guaranteed Discretion: Highest level of anonymity and confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penis Enlargement at PraxisClinic Jadore

What is penis enlargement with autologous fat?

How is penis enlargement performed?

What techniques are used for penis enlargement?

Is penis enlargement with autologous fat a safe method?

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What results can be expected from penis enlargement?

Are there any risks or side effects of penis enlargement?

How does penis enlargement differ from penis lengthening?

How long do the results of penis enlargement last?

Does penis enlargement affect sexual function?

What materials are used for penis enlargement?

Can patients resume normal activities after penis enlargement?

How much does penis enlargement cost and are there financing options?

What preparations are necessary before penis enlargement?

Can penis enlargement be combined with other surgical procedures?

Who is suitable for penis enlargement?

How to choose the right doctor for penis enlargement?

What alternatives are there to surgical penis enlargement?

Are counseling and follow-up care included in the treatment process?

Introduction to Penis Thickening with Autologous Fat

Overview of Methods and Successes

Penis thickening is a specialized procedure aimed at increasing the girth of the penis. In our clinic, which is a leader in the application of modern surgical techniques, we use the method of autologous fat grafting. This technique allows for an increase in penis girth by 2 to 3 cm and is successfully performed by us in combination with up to 500 penis enlargements and extensions annually.

The surgery is outpatient and low-risk. It leaves no visible scars and the use of autologous fat tissue minimizes the risk of intolerances and complications. Through our specialized technique and careful follow-up care, we ensure long-lasting and satisfactory results.

Penis Lengthening vs. Penis Thickening: Understanding the Difference

While Penis Lengthening aims to increase the visible length of the penis, penis thickening focuses on increasing the girth. In our clinic, we enable an increase in penis girth by 2 to 3 cm. These methods are typically combined to achieve a harmonious and comprehensively satisfactory overall result.

Who is a Good Candidate for Penis Thickening

The decision to undergo penis thickening is a highly personal matter and requires careful consideration. Many patients seeking aesthetic improvement and a boost in their self-confidence benefit significantly from this procedure. The positive effects on personal well-being, relationships, and social interactions are significant and should not be underestimated.

Cases We Do Not Treat

In our clinic, there are certain patient profiles and prior treatments where we must exercise particular caution or where penis thickening may not be feasible.

  • Patients with previous surgeries: If you have already been operated on by another surgeon in the field of genital surgery, especially in cases of failed thickening operations, this can significantly limit the possibilities for further treatment and achieving optimal results. Previous procedures can cause scarring and tissue loss, which makes achieving satisfactory results in penis thickening more difficult.
  • Users of penis stretching devices: Patients who have used such devices may experience changes in blood flow and a weakening of erection, which makes the performance of penis thickening more complicated. It is necessary to observe a waiting period of at least three months after the last use of such a device before considering penis thickening.
  • Medical and psychological factors: Certain medical conditions or psychological circumstances may exclude or advise against penis thickening. These include untreated sexual dysfunction, unrealistic expectations of the procedure, or a lack of willingness to follow postoperative instructions.

Our primary goal is to offer safe and effective treatments, with the well-being of our patients always at the forefront. In a detailed consultation, we discuss and evaluate all these aspects individually to ensure that the decision for or against penis thickening is made in the best interest of the patient.

Our Specialized Method of Penis Enlargement

In our PraxisClinic Jadore, we place great emphasis on advanced techniques in penis enlargement, performing up to 500 penis enlargements and extensions successfully each year. Our approach is characterized by modern methods and a low-risk, outpatient surgical procedure.

Penile Thickening with Autologous Fat – A Long-Lasting Solution

In our clinic, we rely on the method of autologous fat grafting for penile thickening, a technique recognized as the "gold standard" in the professional literature. Unlike simple fat injections, often used by less experienced surgeons and typically not achieving long-lasting results, our method provides permanent and uniform outcomes.

In this procedure, we harvest living fat tissue from the inner sides of your thighs. After careful preparation of the tissue, we implant it under the penile skin. This leads to a natural and aesthetically pleasing thickening of the penis. This method is described as the gold standard for penile thickening in the standard reference book by Krupp and Rennekampff, "Plastic Surgery" (see edition 3/2005). The work is considered a definitive reference in plastic surgery and confirms the high efficacy and safety of our applied techniques.

Long-Term Results and Safety

The use of autologous fat for penile thickening is a proven method that guarantees long-term results. Unlike other procedures that use synthetic fillers or implants, the transplantation of autologous fat offers a natural and safer alternative. This procedure minimizes the risk of rejection reactions and infections, as the material used comes from the patient's own body.

Myths and Facts About Penile Thickening with Autologous Fat

There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding penile thickening. A common misconception is that all penile thickening procedures deliver short-lived results. However, this is not the case with the method of autologous fat transplantation. Another myth is that penile thickening involves significant risks. While any surgical procedure carries certain risks, penile thickening with autologous fat is relatively safe due to the use of the patient's own material and advanced surgical techniques. It is important for patients to be well-informed and to seek advice from qualified specialists to distinguish facts from myths and make an informed decision about their treatment.

The Surgical Path to Penis Enlargement

In our PraxisClinic Jadore, we follow a precise and patient-oriented approach to penis enlargement to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

Step-by-Step Explanation of the Procedure

The penis enlargement procedure begins with the careful extraction of autologous fat, usually from the inner thighs. These fat cells are then specially processed to prepare them for transplantation. At this step, we ensure to use only viable and healthy fat cells. The prepared adipose tissue is then gently and evenly introduced under the skin of the penis. This is done with great precision to ensure a natural appearance and even distribution of the fat tissue. The entire process is performed under twilight anesthesia to provide you with maximum comfort and minimal discomfort.

Aftercare and Healing Process

Effective aftercare is crucial for the success of the penis enlargement. After the procedure, a special dressing is applied, which must be worn for a few days to support healing and keep the transplanted fat in place.

Many patients are pleased to find that the pain after surgery is surprisingly minimal. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home after the procedure as long as a companion is available for the drive.

In the initial phase after the surgery, slight swelling and discomfort may occur, but these usually subside quickly. It is recommended to reduce physical strain and sexual activities for some time after the surgery. Likewise, it is advisable to refrain from intense sports activities and to avoid nicotine consumption for a certain period to not impair healing.

We advise a short rest period after the procedure, although a longer downtime is usually not necessary. Detailed instructions for your specific situation and further recommendations for a smooth healing process will be provided by us during the aftercare.

Combination Options: Penis Thickening and Lengthening

In our clinic, we offer the possibility to combine penis thickening and lengthening. This holistic approach aims to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing result that improves both the length and girth of the penis.

Why Combining Makes Sense

Combining penis thickening and lengthening is often sensible as it allows for a balanced and proportional appearance of the penis. An enlarged girth alone can appear disproportionate without a corresponding adjustment in length, and vice versa. By performing both procedures simultaneously, an aesthetically coherent overall image is created, which can lead to increased satisfaction and improved self-confidence. This holistic view of male genitalia is an essential part of our philosophy to achieve individual and natural results.

Advantages of the Combined Procedure

The advantages of a combined procedure lie not only in the aesthetic result but also in the practical implementation. Patients benefit from a single surgery and associated recovery phase, which saves time and simplifies the healing process. Moreover, this approach allows for comprehensive consultation and planning, where both aspects – length and girth – can be optimally coordinated. Thus, we achieve not only aesthetic but also functional improvements that significantly enhance the well-being and quality of life of our patients.

Another significant advantage of the combined treatment is the cost savings. While a Penisverlängerung alone costs €7,900 and penis thickening costs €6,600, we offer the combined treatment for €10,800 (a saving of €3,700). These prices include all costs – from medical care to equipment and materials, as well as medications, hygiene, and sterility. There are no hidden additional costs, so you can be sure you are getting the best value for your procedure.

The Risks of Penis Thickening

Information on Possible Complications

Deciding to undergo penis thickening is a significant step, and it is our responsibility to fully inform you about the associated risks. Patient safety and open communication are top priorities in our clinic.

Penis thickening, like any surgical procedure, carries certain risks. These include possible infections, irregularities in fat distribution, or the risk that the transplanted fat is not optimally accepted. Therefore, it is crucial that you are treated by an experienced and qualified surgeon.

Note on Choosing the Right Provider

The quality of results in penis thickening heavily depends on the experience and skill of the surgeon. Despite high standards in Germany, there are differences in providers' experience. Careful selection of the surgeon and a critical examination of offers are essential.

In our clinic, we perform a high number of penis enlargements and thickenings annually, which secures us a leading role in surgical technique. Our extensive experience and pursuit of perfection guarantee you the best possible treatment and care.

In a detailed consultation, we discuss all potential risks with you and answer your questions. We place great importance on ensuring that your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

How We Minimize Risks in Penis Thickening

Our center is proud to set the highest standards in patient safety for penis thickening. By avoiding the use of synthetic fillers and implants, which can lead to severe complications, we significantly reduce the risk for our patients. Our method of autologous fat tissue transplantation requires only minimal incisions, which are carefully and precisely made to reduce the risk of infections and other complications.

The use of patient's own tissue is a key aspect of our technique. Through specially developed methods for fat tissue preparation and transplantation, we ensure a safe and effective thickening of the penis without compromising its natural structure and function. Our expertise and years of experience in this field, with a high number of successful operations per year, make us a trustworthy partner for your concerns.

In a detailed consultation, we discuss all specific risks and thoroughly discuss them with you. It is extremely important to us that you feel secure and well-informed before making a decision.

Choosing to undergo penis thickening should be well-considered. It is crucial to select an experienced and trustworthy surgeon who not only possesses the necessary technical skills but also prioritizes your health and safety.

Reports from our patients

We take the authenticity and verifiability of patient reports very seriously. For this reason, we have decided in the past not to publish testimonials on our website or in forums, in order to maintain the credibility and transparency of our services.

Nevertheless, we recognize that there is a great desire for real patient experiences. For this reason, with the express permission of the patients concerned, we present to you some excerpts from the feedback we have received over the years:

  • First of all, it must be said: Dr. Jethon knows his craft! I am incredibly happy with the result and have gained a whole new attitude towards life. Thank you for that! I got an appointment for the consultation with a waiting time of 3 weeks. You can't complain about that, as it was not an acute emergency, but a matter close to my heart. The consultation actually took place with Dr. Jethon directly and not with an assistant doctor, so I can confirm the statements of other patients here. The surgery went smoothly, the result looked great right away, and the follow-up care with regular appointments was impeccable!

  • We, my wife and I, have been repeat offenders with Dr. Jethon for 3 years and are extremely satisfied. The first surgery was the tightening of my abdomen, since then we have repeatedly sought advice and treatment from Dr. Jethon. Now we have had several treatments and are very grateful that we have come away without any significant complications. On the one hand, this is certainly due to our good constitution, and on the other hand, to the professional execution of the surgery and the rest of the conditions at the clinic.

  • For a long time, I had a very bad opinion about penis enlargements through surgical procedures. A conversation with a doctor friend and the detailed consultation with Dr. Jethon, however, changed my mind. Half a year after the surgery, I can only report positive things: The result is satisfactory and the procedure was successful. I would like to apologize for my initial doubts...

  • My small penis has been a reason for my insecurity since my youth, especially in changing rooms or shower rooms after sports. The desire for enlargement has accompanied me since my adolescence. Thanks to the surgery, my penis is now 16.7 cm long...

  • I am really glad that my husband made this decision. Although I was initially skeptical, I must now say: 'Wow!' Thank you for everything and continue to have many satisfied patients...

More patient reports are available at:

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