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Professional Penis Enlargement with Dr. Christoph Jethon

At our leading clinic in Germany, we offer a safe and effective method for penis enlargement with Dr. Christoph Jethon. Benefit from our experience with over 10,000 successful procedures and boost your self-esteem with proven, scar-free techniques.

Competence center for penis enlargements for 25 years

Significant Results: Achieve an additional 3 to 6 cm in length and 2 to 3 cm in girth.

Extensive Experience: More than 10,000 penis lengthening and thickening procedures performed.

Renowned Expert Center: Recognized in leading media such as ZDF (including a special broadcast), 3Sat, The Guardian, Focus, and BILD.

Leadership through Specialization: Use of highly specialized and effective surgical techniques.

Personal Performance: All procedures are personally performed by chief physician Dr. Christoph Jethon.

Gentle Procedures: Outpatient execution without general anesthesia, ensuring maximum comfort and minimizing risk.

Discreet Results: Minimal scarring for a natural appearance.

Individual and Comprehensive Patient Care guarantee the best possible treatment for each patient.

Trust through Proven Experience: Our clinic stands for safety and proven experience.

Guaranteed Discretion: Highest level of anonymity and confidentiality.

The most common questions about penis enlargement at PraxisClinic Jadore

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Is penis enlargement painful?

How long is the healing phase after surgery?

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Does the procedure affect the ability to have an erection?

Is a hospital stay necessary?

When can I return to normal everyday life?

When can I start exercising and being sexually active again?

Are there financing options?

What type of anesthesia is used?

Why is autologous fat thickening preferable to other methods?

Will the results be visible in the erect state?

Can a correction be performed if I have already had an enlargement operation elsewhere?

Is the performing surgeon a urologist?

Do I need to take additional treatments for the desired result

Can the procedure also be performed in Spain?

Why is this procedure not widely known, although it has existed for years

Introduction to Penis Enlargement with Dr. Christoph Jethon

Overview of Methods and Successes

Penis enlargement is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at increasing the visible length of the penis. At our center, the market leader in Germany, we use a unique technique that can extend the penis by 3-6 cm. With over 10,000 successful procedures, we have demonstrated our expertise and leading position in this surgical technique.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and is low-risk. It leaves no visible scars and preserves the penis root as well as the vessels and nerves within it. By using special materials and modified suture techniques, we minimize the risk of scar retractions and secure the surgical outcome.

Who Should Consider Penis Enlargement

The decision to undergo penis enlargement is very personal and should be well-considered. Our experience over the last 25 years shows that men with below-average penis length or those dissatisfied with their size can significantly benefit from this procedure. They not only experience an increase in self-esteem but also positive impacts on their relationships, social life, and professional career.

However, it is important to have realistic expectations. We recommend approaching with a moderate expectation of results and only considering the procedure if an increase of 3 cm would be sufficient. Larger changes are tempting but not possible in every case.

Cases We Do Not Treat

There are certain patient profiles and prior treatments where we must exercise particular caution or where treatment at our center may not be possible.

  1. Patients with previous surgeries: If you have already been operated on by another surgeon, especially in cases of failed enlargement surgeries, the possibilities for further treatment and optimal results are often severely limited. Previous operations can cause scarring and tissue loss, making it difficult to achieve satisfactory results.
  2. Users of penis stretching devices: Patients who have used such devices may suffer from changes in blood flow and weakening of erection, making the surgery more complicated. A waiting period of at least 3 months must be observed after the last use of a stretching device before considering surgery.
  3. Medical and psychological factors: Some medical conditions or psychological factors may preclude or advise against performing a penis enlargement. These include untreated sexual dysfunctions, unrealistic expectations of the surgery, or a lack of willingness to follow postoperative instructions.

Our primary goal is to offer safe and effective treatments while keeping the well-being of our patients in mind. In a detailed consultation, all these points are discussed and individually assessed to ensure that the decision for or against surgery is in the best interest of the patient.

Why Choose Dr. Christoph Jethon for Your Penis Enlargement?

We, the team around Dr. Christoph Jethon, stand for expertise and many years of experience in the field of penis enlargement. Our approach is based on sound surgical techniques that are both safe and effective. It is important to us to provide each patient with honest and professional advice so that the best individual decision can be made. We take the time to answer all your questions and concerns with understanding and openness and to explain all aspects of the procedure in detail.

Our center enjoys not only an excellent reputation in Germany but also worldwide. Our high success rate and the satisfaction of our patients attest to our dedication and commitment. We warmly invite you to get to know us and take the first step on your journey to greater self-confidence and improved quality of life. Together with you, we want to find the best possible solution for your concerns.

Penis Enlargement: A Surgical Guide

Our Surgical Method for Penis Enlargement

The male sexual organ consists of two main parts: the external, visible part and an internal section. In a surgical penis enlargement, based on expertise and years of experience, a small incision of about 3 cm is made in the pubic hair area to reconfigure the anterior inner ligaments of the penis. The posterior ligaments remain untouched, which ensures the necessary longitudinal stability.

Using advanced suturing techniques and specially developed materials, without the use of foreign tissue such as silicone, patient's own tissue is laterally introduced to create a new anchor point for the foremost section. This aligns the inner part of the penis, which was previously inclined and bent. By straightening the inner penile path, we achieve a visible lengthening of the external part, which boosts the confidence of many men.

We place great importance on avoiding contact with the penis root, the area where the urethra, blood vessels, and nerves enter the penis, and leaving these structures unchanged. No cuts are made in the penis itself, which minimizes the risk of potential complications. The exact extent of penis lengthening that can be achieved is individual and depends on various factors such as the original angle and length of the penis as well as the structure of the ligaments.

Healing and Aftercare Following Penis Enlargement

The existing skin area that covers the penis and scrotum is usually sufficient to cover the enlarged penis section, so no skin grafts or tissue transfers are necessary. By using special materials and modified suturing techniques, we minimize the retraction forces from scar formation that could affect the final result.

For patients with a tendency to excessive scarring, wearing a stretching device after the surgery may be recommended. For individual consultation and information about the various options available for your specific case, we are happy to assist you.

The Risks of Penis Enlargement

Information on Possible Complications

Deciding to undergo penis enlargement is a significant step, and it is our duty to fully inform you about the associated risks. At our clinic, we place the highest value on patient safety and transparent communication.

Penis enlargement is a surgical procedure that, like any surgery, carries certain risks. These can range from infections and scarring to aesthetically unsatisfactory results. Therefore, it is crucial to place yourself in the hands of an experienced and qualified surgeon.

Note on Provider Selection

The quality of surgical results can vary greatly, depending on the experience and skill of the treating surgeon. Even though Germany is known for its expertise in this field, there are also less experienced providers here. Therefore, careful selection of your doctor and a critical examination of seemingly inexpensive offers are essential.

At our clinic, we perform up to 500 penis enlargements and extensions annually and have developed a leading position in surgical technique over the years. Our extensive experience and constant striving for perfection ensure that we can offer you the best possible treatment and care.

In a detailed consultation before the surgery, we take the time to discuss all possible risks and complications with you and answer your questions. Your safety and satisfaction are always our top priority.

How We Minimize Risks

Our center is proud to set the highest standards in patient safety. By avoiding solid or liquid fillers and implants, which can lead to severe complications, we significantly minimize the risk for our patients. Our surgical technique also avoids cuts on the penis itself, which further reduces the risk of infections and other complications.

By using patient's own tissue and specially developed suture techniques and materials, we ensure a safe and efficient lengthening of the penis without compromising the necessary anatomical structure and function. Our expertise and experience in this area, with hundreds of successful surgeries per year, position us as a trustworthy partner for your surgical needs.

In a detailed consultation, all specific risks for you will be thoroughly explained and discussed. Our top priority is to ensure that you feel safe and well-informed before making a decision.

The decision to undergo penis enlargement should not be taken lightly. It is essential to choose an experienced and trustworthy surgeon who not only possesses the technical skills but also the ethical responsibility to put your health and safety first.

Cost Overview: Investing in Your Future

Detailed Breakdown of Costs for Penis Enlargement

Our prices for penis enlargement are the result of careful calculation aimed at providing you with the highest quality and safety. We have not adjusted our prices for inflation for years, which is why an update was necessary. Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Penis Enlargement€7,900
Penis Thickening€6,600
Combined Treatment€10,800

These prices include all costs for staff, medical care, equipment, materials, medications, hygiene, sterility, certification, surgery time, and cleaning. There are no hidden additional costs, and you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your procedure.

Why the Investment is Worthwhile

Penis enlargement is more than just an aesthetic improvement; it is an investment in your self-confidence and quality of life. Dr. Christoph Jethon and our medical team specialize in operating on patients from all over the world on a daily basis. Over time, we have learned that quality and safety come first.

By opting for a combination of penis enlargement and thickening, you not only achieve visually appealing results but also save significantly on costs. We are happy to pass on the savings from combining the procedures in terms of materials, staff, operating time, and other expenses.

We want you to be able to make an informed decision, and therefore offer clear and transparent information about our prices and the value of our services. Our price adjustment is a necessary step to continue maintaining the highest standards in medical care and surgery. Invest in your future, your self-confidence, and your well-being with a penis enlargement at our clinic.

Reports from our patients

We take the authenticity and verifiability of patient reports very seriously. For this reason, we have decided in the past not to publish testimonials on our website or in forums, in order to maintain the credibility and transparency of our services.

Nevertheless, we recognize that there is a great desire for real patient experiences. For this reason, with the express permission of the patients concerned, we present to you some excerpts from the feedback we have received over the years:

  • First of all, it must be said: Dr. Jethon knows his craft! I am incredibly happy with the result and have gained a whole new attitude towards life. Thank you for that! I got an appointment for the consultation with a waiting time of 3 weeks. You can't complain about that, as it was not an acute emergency, but a matter close to my heart. The consultation actually took place with Dr. Jethon directly and not with an assistant doctor, so I can confirm the statements of other patients here. The surgery went smoothly, the result looked great right away, and the follow-up care with regular appointments was impeccable!

  • We, my wife and I, have been repeat offenders with Dr. Jethon for 3 years and are extremely satisfied. The first surgery was the tightening of my abdomen, since then we have repeatedly sought advice and treatment from Dr. Jethon. Now we have had several treatments and are very grateful that we have come away without any significant complications. On the one hand, this is certainly due to our good constitution, and on the other hand, to the professional execution of the surgery and the rest of the conditions at the clinic.

  • For a long time, I had a very bad opinion about penis enlargements through surgical procedures. A conversation with a doctor friend and the detailed consultation with Dr. Jethon, however, changed my mind. Half a year after the surgery, I can only report positive things: The result is satisfactory and the procedure was successful. I would like to apologize for my initial doubts...

  • My small penis has been a reason for my insecurity since my youth, especially in changing rooms or shower rooms after sports. The desire for enlargement has accompanied me since my adolescence. Thanks to the surgery, my penis is now 16.7 cm long...

  • I am really glad that my husband made this decision. Although I was initially skeptical, I must now say: 'Wow!' Thank you for everything and continue to have many satisfied patients...

More patient reports are available at:

Contact Us - Your Specialists for Penis Enlargements

We look forward to hearing from you and are available for a detailed consultation. Our team, led by Dr. Christoph Jethon, will provide you with comprehensive and individual advice to make the best decision regarding a penis enlargement together with you. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priority.

You can reach us using the contact details provided or use the contact form to schedule an appointment. We strive to process your request as quickly as possible and to offer you a suitable appointment.

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