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Your Specialist for Male Aesthetic Surgery at Alice-Hospital Darmstadt

Trust Dr. med. Christoph Jethon, the renowned specialist for surgical penile lengthening and male cosmetic surgery. With a track record of over 10,000 successful procedures, you are in the best of hands at our Darmstadt surgical center.

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Whether it's penile lengthening or girth enhancement, we rely on proven methods and precise techniques to achieve impressive and lasting results that significantly improve your quality of life.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

We shape and tighten your midsection to create an aesthetically pleasing and more youthful appearance that perfectly accentuates your natural body contour.



We offer innovative and gentle procedures to remove excess breast tissue in men and sculpt a firm, masculine chest contour.



With minimally invasive techniques and quick recovery, liposuction offers an attractive option for body optimization without visible scars, boosts self-confidence, and improves body image.

Penis-Shot Treatment

Revolutionize your sex life with the Penis-Shot treatment from Dr. med. Christoph Jethon. This innovative method uses your body's own growth factors to enhance sexual performance, improve circulation, and provide increased well-being.

Help for Erectile Dysfunction

Find natural help for erectile dysfunction through the innovative therapy concept of Dr. Christoph Jethon. Without surgical interventions, this treatment relies on the power of your body's own vital substances to improve circulation and promote a stronger, longer-lasting erection. This not only enhances your sexual experience but also contributes to balanced mental well-being and an enriched partnership. Get personalized advice and discover the regenerative potential of your own body for a fulfilling sex life.

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Your Expert Team for Male Aesthetics

Under the leadership of Dr. Christoph Jethon at Alice-Hospital Darmstadt, we bring our extensive experience and passion to achieve outstanding results for you. With care and professionalism, we are committed to your desires and goals.

Would you like to learn more about our dedicated team and our expertise? We warmly invite you to get to know us better.

Reports from our patients

We take the authenticity and verifiability of patient reports very seriously. For this reason, we have decided in the past not to publish testimonials on our website or in forums, in order to maintain the credibility and transparency of our services.

Nevertheless, we recognize that there is a great desire for real patient experiences. For this reason, with the express permission of the patients concerned, we present to you some excerpts from the feedback we have received over the years:

  • First of all, it must be said: Dr. Jethon knows his craft! I am incredibly happy with the result and have gained a whole new attitude towards life. Thank you for that! I got an appointment for the consultation with a waiting time of 3 weeks. You can't complain about that, as it was not an acute emergency, but a matter close to my heart. The consultation actually took place with Dr. Jethon directly and not with an assistant doctor, so I can confirm the statements of other patients here. The surgery went smoothly, the result looked great right away, and the follow-up care with regular appointments was impeccable!

  • We, my wife and I, have been repeat offenders with Dr. Jethon for 3 years and are extremely satisfied. The first surgery was the tightening of my abdomen, since then we have repeatedly sought advice and treatment from Dr. Jethon. Now we have had several treatments and are very grateful that we have come away without any significant complications. On the one hand, this is certainly due to our good constitution, and on the other hand, to the professional execution of the surgery and the rest of the conditions at the clinic.

  • For a long time, I had a very bad opinion about penis enlargements through surgical procedures. A conversation with a doctor friend and the detailed consultation with Dr. Jethon, however, changed my mind. Half a year after the surgery, I can only report positive things: The result is satisfactory and the procedure was successful. I would like to apologize for my initial doubts...

  • My small penis has been a reason for my insecurity since my youth, especially in changing rooms or shower rooms after sports. The desire for enlargement has accompanied me since my adolescence. Thanks to the surgery, my penis is now 16.7 cm long...

  • I am really glad that my husband made this decision. Although I was initially skeptical, I must now say: 'Wow!' Thank you for everything and continue to have many satisfied patients...

More patient reports are available at:

Contact Us - Your Specialists for Male Aesthetic Surgery

We look forward to hearing from you and are available for a detailed consultation. Our team, led by Dr. Christoph Jethon, will provide you with comprehensive and individual advice to make the best decision regarding a penis enlargement together with you. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priority.

You can reach us using the contact details provided or use the contact form to schedule an appointment. We strive to process your request as quickly as possible and to offer you a suitable appointment.

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Mr. Felix Jung - Patient Advisor at PraxisClinic Jadore

Mr. Felix Jung, our lead patient advisor, is available for individual and expert consultation. Do not hesitate to contact him for detailed information and support via phone or email. We guarantee a prompt and precise response to all your inquiries.

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